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I Can Do Better

Who: From Statistics to Perspective

(All statistics pulled from recent studies in the US)

1 in 4 women have been victims of severe physical violence by their intimate partner.

The next time you’re at a party where 4 couples are present, consider that 1 of those couples could meet this statistic.

Every 6.2 minutes someone in the US is raped.

It takes an average of 6 minutes to read 3 pages in a book - the same amount of time it takes to meet this statistic, which happens roughly 240 times a day.

1 in 5 women has been raped in their lifetime.

The next time you’re in a work meeting with 10 women present, understand that 2 of them could meet this statistic.

Every 11 minutes, a child is sexually assaulted.

It takes the average American 11 minutes to decide what to wear to work - the same amount of time it takes to meet this statistic, which happens roughly 104 times a day.

What: From Art to Activism

For every sticker purchased on my website between now and International Women’s Day (March 8, 2019), 30% of the proceeds will be donated to a shelter in LA that supports women and children who have suffered from sexual abuse and domestic violence. Click here to shop.

Why: From Good to Better

Though small, this is the first step I’m taking toward a commitment to art for social change. Moving forward, my goal will be to donate a portion of my art proceeds to a charity that will be announced alongside the artwork when I can.

Though I’m just starting to understand the need for my art to serve a higher purpose, I’ve always know my ambition was not to make 6-figure art sales to the 1%. I want to be an artist for the people. I want to sell quality art at an obtainable price for a respectable cause. I want my buyers to know that when they make a purchase, they’re investing in so much more than just my practice. What I can accomplish alone is nothing compared to how much we can accomplish together. I’m so excited to see how many lives we can improve in the name of and by way of good art.



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