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B I O 

My main source of visual inspiration is the human form and the endless ways it can be interpreted. I focus on the emotional expression of the human body, aiming to create a narrative about its connection to our psyche or lack thereof.


My work explores themes of duality, distortion and uncertainty, often drawing contrast between conflicting elements and highlighting how duality works to create a whole.


Stylistically I’ve started to move away from the bright colors and hard lines featured in most of my past work. Newer work will feature a more sophisticated use of color and subject matter for mature audiences.


March 2018

The Intersection: Mid-City, Los Angeles

May 2018

The Voyeur Hotel: Downtown, Los Angeles

June 2018

Living In Color: Compton, Los Angeles

August 2018

The Emoji Art Show: Downtown, Los Angeles

September 2018

The Introspection: Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles

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